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Fanzines played a big part in football culture in the 80s & 90s, before being largely usurped, as the internet took a vice-like grip on our lives, into the new Millennium.


The trials and tribulations of Brighton & Hove Albion were ideal breeding grounds for the controversial, satirical and slightly anarchic writing associated with the football fanzine.  A variety of publications came, thrived and then went; from ‘And Smith Must Score’ and Gulls Eye’ that first appeared in 1988 at The Goldstone, right through to ‘The Seagull Love Review’ that was sold from outside the North Stand at Falmer, with lots in between.


This archive of Albion fanzines is taken from my collection, with the gaps filled in by the Brighton & Hove Albion Collectors & Historians Society (BHACHS), who have been incredibly supportive right through all my efforts to put this website together.


By their very nature, fanzines are controversial and some of those penned by Albion fans have caused some activity in the courtrooms of Sussex.  This archive is intended as a historical reference ONLY.  There is absolutely no intention on my part to open any long-healed wounds, or re-ignite controversy.  This is purely a factual record of the incredible work put in by a few groups of fans who were deeply passionate about our club, both on and off the pitch.


The archive will take a while to fully complete, but whenever I have uploaded a batch of scans, look out for notifications on facebook (, twitter (@seagullsprog), and of course , our modern-day hotbed of anarchy, controversy and satire, with the occasional bit of healthy football banter thrown in along the way.


I hope you enjoy.




Click below to access the scans of each Fanzine


Gulls Eye

And Smith Must Score

On the Up

Seaside Saga

The Tommy Cook Report

Scars & Stripes

Build a Bonfire

Gulls Eye 2000

Gulls Eye 2

Keep the Faith

Brighton Rockz

Come over the Dyke

The Seagull Love Review - Scans Coming Soon


Short-lived fanzines:

There is a Rat in the Camp

Seasons of Missed Opportunities

Pretty in Pink

One F in Falmer


Other Supporter' Publications:

Mose - A Tribute

Flying Eye