The Football League Review


This magazine started life in August 1965, as 'Soccer Review'.  The brainchild of Leicester-based journalist Harry Brown, the magazine was designed to be sold in conjuction with clubs' matchday programmes, giving news, views and information from across all four divisions of the Football League.   The first issue was published on 21 August 1965, with Birmingham City and Leeds United among clubs who gave out the magazine for free.  The idea was, in Brown's words, for the magazine to "play a big part in the modern, more intimate relationship between clubs and supporters".  Thirty-four editions were produced in the 1965/66 season and the magazine was deemed a huge success.


After one season as 'Soccer Review', the magazine underwent a change in name to 'The Football League Review' and became much more closely aligned with The Football League.  More and more clubs started including the magazine as an insert to the programme.  Looking back, you could argue that this gave programme editors an excuse to cut back on content, with many clubs wrapping the FLR with the bare minimum information on the particular game.  As production techniques improved (along with the amount of money available to pay for them), the quality improved and more and more clubs began taking 'The Review' as part of their matchday offering.  By the end of 1967/68, the Football league Review was shifting an average 358,000 copies a week.  In 1968/69, around 70 of the 92 League clubs were including the Review but all was not rosy in the camp.  Increasing looses led to the publication going into liquidation in early 1969/70.  The magazine was then taken over by The Football league itself.  Harry Brown stepped down as editor in January 1971 after overseeing 217 editions.  His relationship with Football League Secretary Alan Hardaker was deteriorating and Brown was never going to win that particular fight.


After six seasons as The Football league Review, the magazine underwent another name change for the 1972/73 season, surfacing as 'League Football'.  Costs were being squeezed and clubs, led by the innovators of Coventry City (Jimmy Hill in particular) were paying much more attention to the quality of their match programme.  It suvived in this format for two-and-a-half seasons, before finally ceasing publication with issue number 920 in January 1975.


In total, 366 issues were published and they have become a fantastic record of the Football League in the late 60s and early 70s. The often controversial views of Harry Brown, coupled with the photographic innovation of Peter Robinson, makes the Review a unique snapshot of football at that time. Peter Robinson went on to work for FIFA and has attended countelss matches and tournaments, always looking for that unique shot!


Albion included the FLR  for three season, from 1967/68 to 1969/70.


This is a summary of the life of an iconic magazine, a source of vital information for this young man growing up in Sussex.  For more information on the life of this incredible magazine, there is an excellent 'Brief Guide of the Football League Review' on the Goals and Wickets website.  Many of the words above came from the superb 'Soccerama' book, edited by Hyder Jawad.  More information can be obtained HERE 


Full scans will be added as soon as possible and click on the links below for the individual volumes


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Football League Review - Volume One 1966/67

Football League Review - Volume Two 1967/68

Football League Review - Volume Three 1968/69

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Football League Review - Volume Six 1971/72

League Football - Volume 7 1972/73

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