Handbooks have been issued in various formats since the mid 1920s, although a handbook from the 1905/06 season has recently come to light. The Albion Collectors & Historians Society are trying to obtain this for their archives, and I hope to have a scan available, if and when it is bought!  


Supporters Club Handbooks

First series issued 1925/26 to 1931/32 at least.  A second series was issued from 1948/49 to 1976/77, except 1954/55 and 1955/56


The Goldstone Roar

This Supporters Club magazine came in 5 numbered issues (3 in volume 1 and 2 in volume 2), from November 1967 to December 1968


'Official' Handbooks

An official club handbook was issued in 1947/48, as well as a Diary & Handbook (1977/78), Albion Handbook (1978), Official Handbook (1980/81).  The club also issued a commemorative magazine 'Seagulls go to Wembley' in 1983.  In 1990, 'Seagull News' was issued.  These were 4 A3 issues (September 1990 to Christmas 1990) and 3 A4 issues (April/May 1991 to Autumn 1991)


Scans of those publications I have can be seen below:


1948/49 Handbook

1957/58 handbook - with thanks to Jackie Dinnis

1958/59 Handbook

1960/61 Handbook

1961/62 Handbook

1963/64 Handbook

1966/67 Handbook

1967/68 Handbook

1973/74 Handbook

1979/80 handbook

Goldstone Roar Vol 1 No 1

Goldstone Roar Vol 1 No 2

Seagull News Autumn 1991 - coming soon

Seagulls Go to Wembley May 1983